Growing Up Teen

“My friends aren’t there for me.”

“Adults just don’t get it!”

“No one understands what I’m going through…”

Here at Labyrinth we’re here for you.

We get it.

And we understand what you are going through.

Being a teen today is one of the toughest jobs. You are living in a world dominated by social media, where you are told to post pictures of yourself and tweet about your life. It can be easy to hide behind a computer or phone screen, but that can make it more difficult to feel comfortable with who you are. People tell you to enjoy your teens because they are the best years of your life. But don’t those people understand how hard it can be… hard to deal with the pressure, hard to stay in the spotlight or fly below the radar without being judged?

There can be so much pressure to be happy, do well in school, get into a good college, and keep up with friends. As the pressure builds, it can overtake you and make you feel like you’re drowning. You try to swim towards the surface but seems to be getting farther and farther way. These feelings sometimes even lead to thoughts of suicide, substance abuse, or other self- destructive outlets.

At Labyrinth we can help you handle this pressure. We can throw you that life-preserver you might be needing. By meeting with our therapists, you can learn positive ways to deal with the pressures of being a teen, learn how to navigate strong emotions, and build a sense of control and confidence that you can overcome your problems and find a path to success.

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