ADHD Therapy for Holden, Massachusetts

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a brain disorder that appears as inattention and/or hyperactivity and impulsiveness that interferes with development and daily functioning. However, ADHD is frequently misunderstood as simply a problem of attention and concentration. The disorder is better understood as problem of inactivity in some areas of the brain that impairs “executive” functioning.

There are three fundamental types of symptoms that can be treated by ADHD therapy:

  • Inattention: getting distracted, lacking organizational skills, and having poor concentration
  • Hyperactivity: difficulty in slowing down, incessant talking and fidgeting, difficulty staying on task
  • Impulsivity: taking risks, interrupting activities and conversations

Every individual is different, so it’s common for two persons to experience the same symptoms in different ways. For example, behaviors can be different in boys and girls. Boys may be seen as more hyperactive, and girls may be quiet and inattentive. One common characteristic of ADHD is hyper-sensitivity to stimulants such as noise, physical sensations, odors, criticism because it is hard to gate out stimuli when some parts of the brain are off-line and other parts have to work to compensate. This is why individuals with ADHD can be more sensitive to rejection and criticism than others and experience rapid, painful descents into depression when something goes wrong in an important relationship.

At Labyrinth Psychological Services, we provide comprehensive ADHD therapy for Holden, Massachusetts and the surrounding communities. Our approach to ADHD therapy begins with a comprehensive assessment including evaluation, review of family history, completion of an ADHD screening measure, and identifying other medical or mental health issues that might better explain a person’s symptoms.  When the client is a child, Labyrinth therapists will consult with parents, teachers and other care providers to gather this information and make a diagnosis.  With adults, the diagnosis can often be made after a clinical interview, physician contact, and completion of an adult ADHD screening instrument before beginning Holden, Massachusetts ADHD therapy.

Our ADHD therapy plan varies based on how a client and/or their family chooses to address the problem.  At Labyrinth Psychological Services, we typically discuss the benefits and risks of ADHD therapy with medication since stimulant treatment is an evidence-based intervention for management of ADHD symptoms.

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