Alcohol abuse and addiction

Alcohol abuse and addiction in Holden, MassachusettsOne important element of alcohol abuse and addiction recovery treatment is learning the skills to cope with addiction, which are most often taught through behavioral therapies. Learning coping skills and behaviors for alcohol abuse and addiction can help someone more effectively understand how to cope with their addiction.

Here at Labyrinth Psychological Services, our therapists work with teens and adults who are using drugs or alcohol and help them learn ways to cope with addictive behaviors. We teach recovering addicts how to identify and avoid the situations, people, or places that most likely tempt them into using drugs or alcohol. Our therapists show patients how to use specific thoughts and behavior that will be most effective when confronted with stressful types of situations that can trigger substance abuse.

Cognitive behavior therapy outlines specific goals to effectively treat alcohol abuse and addiction, including:

  • Management of painful feelings
  • Motivation for abstinence
  • Coping skills
  • Social support
  • Improve personal functioning
  • Reinforcement contingencies

To be able to cope with alcohol abuse and addiction, it’s important that a recovering addict learns how to think and behave effectively. If they don’t, they’ll continue with destructive behavior, which includes alcohol and substance abuse. Negative thoughts and destructive behavior patterns from the past must be replaced with positive thoughts and behavior.

Individual counseling for alcohol abuse and addiction is another important aspect of recovery because it gives the individual a forum to discuss his concerns and problems and try to find resolutions with the help of our highly trained and experienced therapists.

We help recovering addicts focus on their recovery and put the coping skills we teach them into practice. They learn to change their thinking, behavior, and life in order to create a new one. This is why change is so critical to a person in recovery for alcohol addiction and abuse. We focus on building motivation to quit, teaching skills to manage emotions and prevent relapse, and addressing problems like ADHD, depression, or PTSD that interfere with recovery. Learning how to cope with alcohol abuse and addiction and the proper addiction recovery steps will help them get through the difficult times.