Shootings: A Sense of Familiar Trauma

In recent news, and over the years passed, it seems like every other news article is about a shooting that has occurred.  From the recent shootings in Atlanta and Boulder, to the Pulse nightclub in 2016 and Sandy Hook elementary in 2012, and going back to Columbine in 1999, it seems like shootings have heart-achingly… read more

My kid is trans*, and I don’t understand!

Hearing that your child is questioning their gender identity can surface feelings of fear, disbelief, shock, or confusion for parents and family members of the transgender child.  You may have thoughts of “this is just a phase,” or “how do I make sense of this?”.  It may feel overwhelming finding a place to begin. Here… read more

Choosing Family Therapy in Holden, MA

It can be hard to pick up the phone and call a therapist for help with a family problem.  There are some common myths about families that might make this even more difficult.  For example, it’s easy to believe that good families shouldn’t have problems, children won’t have problems if you are a good parent,… read more

Growing Up Teen

“My friends aren’t there for me.” “Adults just don’t get it!” “No one understands what I’m going through…” Here at Labyrinth we’re here for you. We get it. And we understand what you are going through. Being a teen today is one of the toughest jobs. You are living in a world dominated by social media,… read more

Cognitive Distortions – Part 2

In our last post, we began discussing some of the most common cognitive distortions people experience. At Labyrinth Psychological Services, we know that therapy can help people to work through the ANTs they are battling on a daily basis. Continue reading the list below and seek help from our talented staff of mental health professionals… read more

Cognitive Distortions – Part 1

If you struggle with daily life, there is a good chance you may be suffering from a cognitive distortion. Cognitive distortions, also known as automatic negative thoughts (ANTs), are thinking patterns that are not actually in line with reality. These sorts of thoughts can lead to a number of reactions like sadness, angry outbursts, procrastination,… read more

Criminal Responsibility Evaluation and The Insanity Defense

There are lots of mixed feelings about the so-called “insanity defense.”  We remember some of the high profile insanity cases from the past such as John Hinkley Jr., Jeffrey Dahmer, Lorena Bobbit, John Salvi, and more recently James Holmes.  There can be a lot of media hype and misinformation about what happened during these trials… read more

Grief, Anxiety and Trauma

There are times in therapy when common strategies like cognitive behavioral therapy, processing feelings, taking medication and skills building, just don’t work out.  It can feel like you are talking and talking about a problem and getting nowhere.  Sometimes you may notice that you have the strategies you need to get through an anxiety attack… read more

What is Competency to Stand Trial?

Though our legal system can be imperfect, it is designed to be fair.  We are supposed to be “innocent until proven guilty” and have a fair chance to defend ourselves in court before a judge or a jury that will be objective.  But what happens if we are accused of a crime and don’t understand… read more