Clinical hypnosis for chronic pain and fatigue

picture of a Senior businessman rubbing his tired eyesChronic pain and fatigue can be crippling for many individuals, affecting their daily personal and professional lives, depriving them of the ability to do the things they love and the work they need.

Clinical hypnosis for chronic pain and fatigue has proven effective in many cases where pain or other medications are ineffective or inappropriate, adversely affecting the person’s ability to function normally. Yet Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) can be a debilitating and is described as exhaustion, poor stamina (if any) and flu-like symptoms. The symptoms include extreme fatigue, general pain, mental fogginess and at times gastro-intestinal problems. It is also referred to as chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS). In the past the syndrome has been known as chronic Epstein-Barr virus (CEBV).

The treatment of the syndrome is often handled by medical professionals such as a primary care physician. However, clinical hypnosis for fatigue and chronic pain or other forms of altered states such as meditation or guided imagery are a welcome addition to the welfare of the patient.

Clinical hypnosis for chronic pain and fatigue is being successfully used for afflictions such as CFS as well as chronic pain — another difficult condition to treat with medication without side effects that can adversely affect a person’s ability to function. However, a report1 by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) cites evidence supporting the efficacy of clinical hypnosis for chronic pain and fatigue relief of chronic pain in cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, and tension headaches. Results of brain imaging studies demonstrate that “hypnosis influences all of the cortical areas and neurophysiological processes that underlie pain and emotions,” according to another review2. In short, clinical hypnosis for fatigue and chronic pain works.

In fact, clinical hypnosis for chronic pain and fatigue has proven effective for pain reduction, decreased pain unpleasantness, sensory substitution, hypnotic analgesia, deep relaxation, reduced breakthrough pain, and fatigue management. Our therapist is trained in evidence-based methods of using clinical hypnosis for chronic pain and fatigue in combination with ongoing medical care to improve health and wellness.

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