Marital Counseling and Couples Therapy

Marital Counseling and Couples Therapy in Holden, MassachusettsAttending marital counseling and couples therapy is not a sign of weakness or admission of guilt – it’s a positive step toward healing and nurturing a relationship you value.

The marital counseling and couples therapy professionals here at Labyrinth Psychological Services specialize in working with couples to resolve problems quickly and effectively. Couples therapy and marriage counseling usually involves identifying shared goals, improving communications, rebuilding trust, and developing better ways to resolve conflicts and reach mutual agreements to avoid conflicts in the future.

Whatever your age, sexuality, financial situation, or family history, marital counseling and couples therapy can provide you with the therapy and support best suited to your needs. At Labyrinth, we’ve found that often it is more efficient to have the same therapist work with couples together and individually to gain a broader perspective and provide more effective marriage counseling and couples therapy.

During couples therapy and marital counseling, many couples gain a deeper understanding of how their interactions are shaped by experiences with parents, early loss or trauma, individual, cultural or religious differences, or personal problems such as substance use or medical/mental health conditions. However, it is important to understand that successful marital counseling and couples therapy does not always result in an agreement to stay together.  There are times when one or both members of a couple decide that they no longer wish to remain in the relationship.  When this happens in marital counseling and couples therapy, the goal of the therapy is to help each member of the couple accept and plan for a healthy transition out of the relationship.  This is especially important when there are children, pets, or elderly parents who will be affected.

To learn more about effective, compassionate marital counseling and couples therapy, contact the couples therapy and marriage counseling specialists at Labyrinth Psychological Services.