Mental Health First Responders for Holden, Massachusetts

Mental Health First Responders for Holden, MassachusettsMental health first responders is an apt title for the mental health professionals who diagnose and treat emergency service personnel adversely affected by critical incident stress and other trauma associated with working with high risk individuals and families. It’s important that emergency services professionals such as firefighters and police officers receive prompt psychological support from mental health first responders when they experience symptoms of secondary or vicarious trauma that can lead to impaired work performance and personal problems.

First responder mental health support can include services such as:

  • Family crisis intervention
  • Pre-incident training
  • Post-incident counselling
  • Incident anniversary meetings

Mental health first responders for Holden, Massachusetts such as the trauma specialists here at Labyrinth Psychological Services work with veterans, first responders, and trauma survivors to help them understand how the unique traits and the role of emergency services providers put them at risk for job-related stress reactions and injuries, including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Our Holden, Massachusetts mental health first responders can help emergency services and former military personnel understand the root causes and triggering events associated with a trauma response. Our mental health first responders for Holden, Massachusetts can help them explore and utilize various interventions and treatments for trauma-related problems and minimize the risks associated with numbing responses to trauma.

The goal of the Holden, Massachusetts mental health first responders here at Labyrinth is to educate emergency services professionals about critical incident stress and help to prevent stress-related impairment while promoting recovery from job-related trauma exposure. To learn more about our mental health first responders for Holden, Massachusetts and the services we provide, contact us for more information or to set up a meeting.